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Yoga Teacher Training

200-hr Certification 

A 200-hour yoga teacher training is an immersive program designed to deepen your understanding of yoga and prepare you to teach others. It typically covers yoga philosophy, asanas (poses), alignment, anatomy, teaching methodology, and provides practical teaching experience. By the end, you should have the skills and knowledge needed to lead safe and effective yoga classes.

Keep in mind that the specific content and emphasis can vary among different training programs, so it's important to research and choose a program that aligns with your goals and values. I Am Yogi Studios is a hands-on experience designed to allow the student to be fully immersed on this new journey. Hold on tight!


Info Call is scheduled February 2nd @ 6pm 

Only 30 minutes of your time to get the schedule, syllabus, materials needed and ask as many questions as you would like.

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