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New Student Offer

If this is your first time visiting the studio, please take advantage of this offer. 

You can experience 5 of our weekly classes for only $60. This is simply enough time for you to fall in love. 


5-Class Pass for returning students

We understand you love your classes and a promotion will only be right for you. We value your commitment.


10-Class Pass for returning students

We get it! we can't afford to miss any classes either as our well being depends on movement and prayer. With all the new classes added to the schedule you might as well take them all.

Get your 2024 Journal/Planner here

*pick up option

Get ready for a year of discovery.


In: Feeling liberated and free of doubt, fear, laziness and/or anxiety.

Out: Being scared and confused about our goals, people in our lives and careers. 

We are ready to identify stoppers and obstacles within us and manifet like no other. Here we go! Available on Amazon as well!

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