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Yoga studio near me
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Hot Yoga 




5 classes for only $60

*selected classes

Summer Camp Coming Soon...

Sacred Earth Explorers & I Am Yogi Studios presents:

August 6th- August 22nd

Ages 6-12 

Meditation, Yoga, Art, Dance & Environmental Education

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All instructors are certified and trained to guide you through a safe and healing class. We ask that you listen to the body as you concentrate on movement.


Private classes.heif

what a great way to get closer to your goals. You and your instructor curate a sequence designed to target problem areas.

Private One-on-One


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Imagine a peaceful and productive staff. Could we help you build engagement at the workplace that will ultimately increase your revenue?


Host your classes and wellness events in our 1200 sqft, two-floor, generously lit space. Bluetooth speakers and wifi is available.

About Us

Our Journey

Welcome to I Am Yogi Studios – a trailblazing hub of holistic health and wellness located in the heart of Queens, NY. Founded in 2020 by Lisa Robertson, a visionary and passionate entrepreneur, our studio proudly stands as a minority and women-owned business.


Lisa’s inspiration for establishing I Am Yogi Studios was born out of a deep-rooted need for a welcoming space dedicated to women of color seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness. Fueled by her desire to create a nurturing environment for herself and her children, Lisa embarked on a mission to bring the transformative power of yoga to her community.


As a mobile yoga studio, Lisa and her dedicated team embarked on an empowering journey to educate and train women of color, using yoga movement as a gateway to the yogic lifestyle. Three years later, I Am Yogi Studios has left an indelible mark, reaching over 1200 students, including children, and expanding its influence far beyond the mat.


Our commitment to empowerment led us to new horizons – we launched our own clothing apparel, published a journal in 2021, and proudly certified 15 200-hour yoga instructors. In response to the overwhelming support from our community, we opened our first physical location in Queens, NY, providing a permanent sanctuary for personal growth and well-being.


In recognition of our unwavering dedication to women’s advocacy in health and wellness, I Am Yogi Studios proudly received a certificate of recognition. Join us in celebrating the transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment. At I Am Yogi Studios, we’re not just a yoga studio; we’re a vibrant community shaping the future of holistic well-being for women of color.

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