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I Am Yogi Studios was founded in 2020 as a virtual yoga studio for Women of Color. In the height of the pandemic, the world experienced subjects that would take a lifetime to heal. Our mission is to train Women healing techniques that would be practiced for generations to come. 

Like many, Lisa Robertson, founder of I Am Yogi, suffered from depression and anxiety while being pregnant with her second child. Yoga was suggested by her healthcare provider and ultimately what had saved her life. The bigger problem was this life-changing method of healing was not readily available to black women. No stable studio resided in Southeast Queens and no consistent classes. She traveled for her practice and penetrated a space with her blackness.

Today I Am Yogi has a network of 350 black women, 10 trained and certified yoga instructors, their very own yoga apparel and accessory line and is recognized with a citation for their advocacy for women’s health and wellness within the community.

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